World War Z

What’s a beat-up Philadelphia taxi doing in Glasgow?

Was I lucky? I don’t know but back in 2011, I was wandering round Glasgow with my camera. It was a Saturday and had just dropped my wife off at her tutorial. And didn’t I just stumble on the making of ‘World War Z’? – the post-apocalyptic zombie action horror film starring Brad Pitt.

Part of Glasgow City Centre around George Square had been transformed into ‘Philadelphia’ in some future time when zombies had taken over the world.

I didn’t get many shots of the action – the public was of course restricted from the active areas though there were plenty of them looking on from a distance.

…. and I didn’t see Brad Pitt anywhere but there was a whole load of actors & extras processing across the square as they finished the morning’s shoot. Recognise any of them?

Apparently, the zombies were kept out of sight, partly to avoid any spoilers for those horror film buffs, but also so they didn’t panic the locals. But there was loads of damage and debris lying around those Glasgow streets.

And in amongst this melee, a real wedding was taking place.

As the bride stood in front of the City Chambers to have her photograph taken before the ceremony, a group of armed US soldiers and police trooped past her and the bridesmaids as she tried to compose herself.

It made for an interesting morning.

I’m posting this in response to Anne-Christine’s Photo challenge, which this week is ‘You Pick It’.
Well, I picked this topic because I’ve always meant to post it, it’s a reminder of one of those ‘events’ that I’m still missing out on. And look at the crowds of people in the streets.

The Lens-Artists Photo Challenge set by Anne- Christine can be accessed here – ‘You Pick It’

p.s. I’ve never actually seen ‘World War Z’

12 thoughts on “World War Z”

  1. Smashed cars, Glasgow and World war-Z, made for an unusual combination . No wonder I was sucked into your story which was really a cool one. Terrific pictures by the way. I was a tad disappointed, none of the zombie mob or Brad Pitt but entertaining still.

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  2. HA! Wonders never cease, as they say. I was in Edinburgh a couple of years ago when they were filming something. Didn’t see the action, but the lorries and vans really took over the streets!

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