A Small World out in the Cold

In the Lens-Artists Challenge #130: It’s a Small World, Anne Gee asked us to go for a walk and get some close-up or macro images. It’s a challenge.

Well, it is cold out there this week and I thought it may be worth a try. With snow, frost and ice this week, I thought I might find something a little different for us over here in the balmy west. I’m certain my images won’t impress those of you who live where snow and ice is the norm all winter, and have to cope in difficult conditions, but here goes.

A walk down and towards the river. Being shaded by tall trees, this area can sit in mists and, in the humid chill, frost crystals grow on anything. I found I was getting interested in those crystals.

Starting off with a snow covered fencepost

– but in real close-up, the frost is seen to have grown outwards from the snow.


And here’s some Rhododendron leaves showing up some little crystals sprinkled across their surfaces.


And finally just some frosted bramble leaves – so common

And when you look really close, those crystals really stand out.


So, I don’t think I’ve found the best of this thread of close-up photography but it’s a reasonably happy start. These images were taken yesterday and the thaw is already upon us, but I’ll look out for some future opportunities to continue.

Thanks to Anne Gee in posting that Lens-Artists Challenge #130: It’s a Small World. It’s worth a look – Follow the link and you can carry on through to a variety of super close-up photography.

10 thoughts on “A Small World out in the Cold”

  1. A beautiful response James – we don’t often see frost or snow here in my southern neck of the woods so I always love when others show it. Your images are wonderful, especially those that zero in on the ice crystals.

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