‘A’ is for…….?

This week, Patti challenges us to present some images associated with the letter ‘A’. Well that’s an interesting brief….it got me thinking again.

Always when teaching the alphabet to the very young, ‘A’ is for APPLE.

This image was meant to make an apple look like a planet surface – not too successfully – it’s certainly got a big crater.

But when I was at the age for learning my alphabet, I went to a primary school right next to an international airport and US Air Force base. In fact, we lived very close to the airport too and I could hear the old turbo-props roaring overhead when lying in bed at night. My dad worked at the airport as well. So, I have to include a couple of AIRCRAFT.

De Havilland Dragon
Aerobatic display from the Scottish Air Show (not this year though).

From our coastline in Ayrshire, there is often the familiar sight of the Isle of ARRAN, so I couldn’t miss that out. Sometimes referred to as ‘Scotland in miniature’, Arran is a popular destination for holidays or just a day out. Here is a picture of the mountainous north end of the island, snow-covered. Taken from the mainland.


I have to put in a flower and my wife’s favourite garden flower is AQUILEGIA. Very small flowers but very intricate. I posted a lot of these a few months ago and here I repeat an image as I feel it shows a single bloom at its best.


Now, I’d like to cover a couple of concepts that begin with ‘A’, both of which I do like to produce images of. The first is ABSTRACT.

This is a natural abstract – a straight shot. It’s an image of the iron stained base of a stream with reflections of leaves some strongly lit by the sun. I love all the colours in this one.

Finally, my second concept is ACTION. I’ve taken a good number of sports and other action shots over the years. It a different mindset altogether. Hit and grab – you have to be quick and you get loads of binned images but the good ones stay with you a long time.

Here, I was panning motorbikes going up the coast road. On a Sunday, if the weather is good, loads of bikers take to this scenic route. I just loved this one.

I love the way the father and son have matching personalised leather waistcoats.

Thanks to Patti for setting the challenge. It’s the Lens-Artists Challenge – An Alphabet Challenge–Subjects That Begin with the Letter A.

24 thoughts on “‘A’ is for…….?”

  1. This is a fabulous collection, Jazz. Wonderful images. I can’t pick one favorite, but your action shot is great, as well as the flower, the snow-covered mountain, and of course the aerobatic display. Did you shoot the flower against a black fabric background? The color and shape of the flower are gorgeous.

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      1. Thanks, James. I’m thinking about buying a board or fabric with a stand so I can take more macro shots against the black background indoors. The green was added in Photoshop, I assume??

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Wonderful collection James. I too spent a few years of my childhood next to airplanes – we were near a US airforce base and heard the jets flying overhead. Moved when I was quite young but I still remember them. Your action shot is great. So hard to capture! And the flower is just beautiful-terrific capture!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, Tina. Regarding the air force base I remember they once held an open day. It was the first time we’d ever seen hot dogs, 7up and a baseball diamond. Makes me sound real old.


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