Dreams of a Loch

If you’ve looked at the posts of my images, you may realise that I don’t travel too much. Reasons for that are too complicated to go into, but you will see that nearly all my images have been taken close to home in the south west of Scotland.

Recently, my night-time dreams have been of the unsettling kind – a sign of these times. But my daytime dreams are more about travelling just a wee bit further than I’m really able to go to at the moment. So many of us are restricted because of local ‘rules’, because of the guidance, perhaps because of our fears and concerns, or practical difficulties at this time.

So today, I’m dreaming of just a short trip up to Loch Lomond – not that far at all – to the dreamiest place – where the light can be magical. Lets hope we can make that trip soon. I hope that soon you too can go your trips, make your journeys and catch up with your dreams.


Loch Lomond images taken just a few years ago.

The spark behind this post was the Friendly Friday Photo Challenge – Dreams Thanks to Sandy for setting the challenge .


10 thoughts on “Dreams of a Loch”

  1. I used to travel a 100-300 miles a day on my motorcycle every day it was not pouring. It was cheap and fun and I always had my camera. Now with a very sedate Honda Civic I find myself trying not to go more than 50 miles unless its for something amazing. Part of it is money (much less and no job) but I found that there are plenty of things close by to photograph. Great photos James, enjoy your weekend.

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