Morning Ritual

Friendly Friday Challenge

When I get up in the morning, I hear the news —- of the latest COVID-19 restrictions (hard to keep track); of the latest Brexit fiasco (when will it end?); of fires and floods and hurricanes; of the latest sayings of one Mr. Trump (what next?); of new concerns about Climate Change (what dreadful future will we have?); of the impacts of forest clearances on biodiversity (that’s too much as well); and of the latest England cricket scores (why ?????)

There’s nothing else for it ….. I need that cup of tea


What else can I do?……..Not good in the morning!!

Thanks so much to SandyL for posting her Friendly Friday Challenge on Morning Rituals

2 thoughts on “Morning Ritual”

  1. I like your mug! So here is how I handle the dreadful news of the day … I drink my first cup of coffee and then scan the news without my glasses on. That way, I can only see the Headlines. After my second cup, I’m a bit more fortified and I’ll don my glasses and follow through with the news I actually want to read 😉

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