Negative Space – a challenge

Lens-Artists Photo Challenge 114

Reacting to Amy’s Photo Challenge, I initially found myself a bit lost – Negative Space??? I do have a tendency to fill the frame, but nevertheless had a look through my back catalogue for images with negative space.

My understanding is that in an image with negative space, the ‘main subject’ occupies only a small fraction of the image area, while most of the background is filled up with ‘negative space’ – largely empty of detail. This negative space gives an impression of the relatively small size of the subject in relation to its environment.

Low and behold! I did find some images that could be considered exhibiting negative space – when I thought about it there were quite a few, though some of my negative spaces seem to include something additional – maybe even just a shade of a colour or the houses peeking through the mist in the above image.

So here’s some examples. Hope you think they fit the bill!

River Ayr near the harbour
Shadows on the Snow
Harbour Seal

30 thoughts on “Negative Space – a challenge”

  1. These are wonderful images that fit the challenge perfectly James. I especially loved your opening boat and the goldfinch. May not remember them for 25 years but who knows ?! Welcome to our challenge, nice to have you!

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    1. Thank you, Tina. The boat image was taken years ago. We had just come over the bridge from the Isle of Skye. It was around 9am and the mist was all around. I’d spotted the boat earlier in the week but the conditions that morning were just perfect. I was so lucky.


  2. I love your photography! And I enjoyed hearing about your understanding or your take on negative space –
    And I think that is one way to consider it – where the “main subject’ occupies only a small fraction of the image area”
    But another way is to say that is one option –
    A type of photo with main subject occupies only a small fraction of the image area is a style and mood choice whereas if there is only a little negative space that changes the mood and look

    It changes how the eyes move around the photo – just like the rule of thirds ties in…
    So anyhow – I did enjoy your professional photos – oh my are they good and the green in that opening boat felt so rich because of the negative space and direction
    Also fun to see the extras in the others – this was fun


    1. Thanks for your comments, and for visiting my site. I think you’re correct that the negative space is important for the look of many images. And, yes, I have interpreted the challenge in choosing images where there was a lot of negative space. I’m really glad you like my photos.

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