Street Art

Photography in Streets

In recent year’s I’ve just thought of street art as 3D murals on the sides of buildings but SandyL’s Friendly Friday Challenge reminded me there are many different types of art around in our streets. Mostly my mindset came from a tour of Glasgow’s building murals we did a couple of years ago. Those murals are fantastic, and I’ve got some of them here in this post.

The featured image (above) was taken in Kilmarnock and it’s one of two two foot high statutes of swimmers appearing up out of the cobbled main street exactly where the river passes underground across the town centre.

Here are some more street art images:-

East side of Glasgow city centre

I love the way that life goes on around these tremendous works of art. And how did they paint that? It’s a technical feat!

Next is a rather smaller work, but still effective

At University of Strathclyde, Glasgow

And next I’ve found some different types of ‘art’ from Edinburgh

Some graffiti from Edinburgh
A ‘window’ from the Queen’s Gallery at Holyrood, Edinburgh

Back to Glasgow’s murals

South of the Glasgow city centre

And finally, these estate agents have no sense of decorum

Some more of my Glasgow Mural images – here

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