Shapes on Clydeside


©JBMuir                                          Glasgow, 2014.

The seductive shapes of the modern buildings at the Clydeside waterfront. If there’s any light at all, there are many opportunities for dramatic architectural images. I’ve tried here to find some compositions that perhaps are a bit out of the ordinary.

The area is a focus for entertainment, conference and media headquarters, but currently it’ll be very quite inside the venues like the Hydro, SECC, the Armadillo, the Science Centre and the Imax. I’m not at all sure when I’ll see it all again. Missing Glasgow!







More Aquilegias

DSC_5376-82 combo

DSC_5389-93 combo_2 (final)

Being in lockdown, I’ve taken up the idea of photographing some of the aquilegias that are grown in our garden. Every year we seem to get a further increase in the number of varieties that grow within our relatively small garden bed. This year, I’ve spotted 14 different varieties.

Bringing specimens indoors and capturing them against a black background, allows critical focussing without any wind movement. Compiling a few individual shots ensure images are in focus right across each bloom.

I’m about half way through the various varieties. It’s quite time consuming, and wonder, should I really continue the work to complete this project?

The View from Here


The View from Here

Tigger looks over the rough-cut lawn
where blackbirds peck to serve their young,
beyond to see azaleas bloom,
while cherry trees stand guard
where dogs are walked and runners run,
and people pace their exercise yard.

Not far somewhere a battle’s fought
while sun shines strong and magpies court.
All’s changed but all is still the same, so
here I stay and here I stand,
watch carers come with PPE
and see parked cars and Tesco vans.

So lucky, so grateful, but losing ‘precious time’,
the view from here… so hazy, I fear
the loss and scuttled plans.